Adventures in common
Fun and friendships . . . for life

Our Members

Most of our members are professionals who are either very active or want to be more active.  They have a wide-variety of interests.  When you go to activities you enjoy, you’ll meet people who share these interests and you’ll immediately have something in common.   

You must be at least 21 years old to join.  Other than that, we are open to everyone!  However, we require that everyone conduct themselves in a respectful manner to all other members.  Otherwise, you will no longer be welcome. 

Nope.  We are open to everyone.  We do expect, because of the nature of the club, about 80% of our members will be single. 

Absolutely, and we encourage it.  You may bring the same person up to three times to events.  After that they will need to become a member themselves. 

We expect to open with 100 – 200 members who have pre-signed up.  After that, we are projected to get roughly 100 new members per month, and have around 1000 members by the end of the first year. 

Our Events

That’s the beauty of Adventures in Common.  One of our professional event coordinators hosts every event.  Their job is to introduce you to people and to ensure you are part of the group and have a sense of belonging.  

Every month we try to offer a very wide variety of events so everyone from the adrenaline junkie to the cultural guru will have plenty of things to do.  We also try to vary the prices of events so people on a budget have plenty to do, as will someone who wants to enjoy the luxuries of life.

We’ll open with two clubs, one in San Francisco and one in Silicon Valley.  The vast majority of events take place within about a 10-mile radius.  Exceptions will be events that cannot be done locally such as skiing in Tahoe.

Events are almost exclusively on weekends and in the evenings.  Initially, events will be Thursday through Sunday, but we’ll expand to Monday – Wednesday events fairly soon. 

We want lots of people at our events for you to meet so we start out slow with 15 events the first month in each club; for a total of 30 in the Bay Area.  We then add 4-6 events a month depending on membership growth.  After one year, we will be hosting 75 - 100 events a month in the Bay Area.  For just a few bucks more a month, you can get the "All Clubs" membership and you'll be able to do them all!

Sign up as soon as you think you might like to go.  Some events have limited space and they will sell out.  If you sign up early and we run out of space, we can often expand.  But the best part is for the vast majority of our events, you can cancel within 7 days and get a full refund, so you know you're protected.  

Great question.  Depends which city.  We plan to expand into the East Bay next, and then up and down the West Coast.  Over the next 3 years we will start both our national and European expansion.

Possibly.  Come talk to us.  We are always looking for great Event Coordinators.  If you want to host, you must be very outgoing, friendly and know how to “work a room.”  You must also be an excellent problem solver should a problem arise at an event.  If you want to do event planning, you must have great event ideas and very detail-oriented. 

Membership and Costs

We have three memberships.  

Free Membership - The Free Membership lets you get to know us by trying the 1-3 specially designated events each month.  
Basic Membership - The Basic Membership allows you access to all the events associated with your club location.
Premium Membership - The Premium Membership allows you access to all the events in ALL our clubs and lets you communicate with other members through our social network.  

We try to offer a wide variety of events so there is something for everyone.  Some events are free, such as a hike, a happy hour or a softball game.  On the other end of the spectrum are our trips to places like Hawaii or Thailand.   Most of our events are under $40.  We do promise that we will never have an event that is more expensive than you could get on your own. 

With your membership we do all the planning.  All you do is sign up, show up and have fun.  Plus, you get to meet lots of new people who are all there to meet people like you.  The membership isn’t intended to be a discount club, but instead a place where you feel a sense of belonging. 

You can register and pay online.  Every month on your signup date, you will be billed your monthly fee and this will continue until you cancel. 

Absolutely!  We do not store your credit card information.  It is processed and stored by PayPal.  Though no system is perfect, PayPal is obviously renowned and has the toughest security measures in the world.  

You will be charged the day you join and every month on that date.  If you join before March 31, 2017, you will not be charged until May 1, 2017, but will still be able to do all the April activities.  Yup, we just gave you a free month, no strings attached!

1)  Right now, sign up for 3-4 events.  It may take 3-4 events for you to meet people and start feeling part of the group.  If at your first event, you don't meet your new BFF, don't worry.  It will happen.  Just give it a little time.

2) Choose events that are activities you like to do.  That way, you're already meeting people with similar interests.  

3) Once you're at an event, tell the event host that this is your first or second event.  He/She will introduce you to people.

4) Don't be afraid to introduce yourself to other people.  Remember, everybody joined this club to meet new people.  They really do want to meet you.

Well we certainly hope that doesn’t happen!  But if you are ever unhappy, we’ll do everything we can to make your experience better.  If we still can’t help, your membership can be cancelled anytime. 


Absolutely!  But before you do, we hope you'll tell us why and maybe we make your experience better.

If you do cancel your Paid Membership, you will be downgraded to our Limited Membership, so you are not getting charged (it's free), but you're still able to go to a few events each month for free.  You will also be able to use your Paid Membership and get all the benefits until the end of the month for which you paid.  You will not be billed again, but we do not refund any money you have already paid.

Of course, you can upgrade again at any tiime.  However, when you upgrade you will pay whatever the price is for that membership when you upgrade, which may be higher than the price that you locked in when you joined the first time.  You may also be asked to pay a small initiation fee if we have implemented initiation fees at that time. 

In order to downgrade your membership, call us at 415.634.7529 and we'll be happy to take care of you. 

Our Competitors

With Adventures in Common you only need to join one group to get dozens of events hosted by professional events coordinators.  With Meetup you’ll have to join lots of different groups to enjoy different activities.  Quality and attendance is inconsistent.  In addition, there’s really no sense of belonging. 

We are significantly better in 3 ways: Cost, Inclusiveness and Contracts.   Events and Adventures charges between $2000 and $3000 upfront.  We have no large upfront fee.  E & A is open to singles only.  We are open to everyone over the age of 21.  Finally, E & A will hold you to a one-year, 18-month or 3-year contract.  At Adventures in Common, you can cancel anytime without penalty.  Of course, we really hope you don't.  :)

Online dating can be frustrating and time-consuming.  With Adventures in Common, there is no pressure.  You will meet people in the most comfortable and natural way possible, doing activities you love.  You'll always have a great time and meet new friends, even if you don't make a romantic connection at a particular event.


Our number of members and our quality of events.  Urban Diversion has been around 13 years and has around 300 paying members.  We are projected to have 1000 members by the end of our first year.  Additionally, our events are planned and hosted by professional events coordinators, and we constantly strive to have each event delight our members. Do you have an idea how to make the club better?  We are always listening to our members and get some of our best ideas from you.