How it works

Adventures in Common is a Social Adventures Club designed to be the easiest and most fun way to meet new people while doing activities you love.

Each month we offer a wide variety of events, some which are free; some which have an additional cost. Whether you're on a budget or like a bit of luxury, we'll always give you events where you'll have fun without breaking your bank account.

To attend events you must be a registered member or a guest of a member. Becoming a registered member is free.

Enjoy These Benefits

  • Hundreds of new people to meet for friendship and dating.
  • Access to a wide-variety of 30-50 events every month
  • All events planned by a professional event planner
  • Our host at every event to ensure you are having fun
  • An amazing community that you'll think of as your second home
  • Assurance that all members are respectful to other members

Choose your membership

The associate membership
What you get
Membership is free. Registering on our site automatically gives you the Associate membership. Associate Members may go to any event and pay the full price of each event. They do not get any event discounts, and are not eligible for early bird registration discounts, typically $15 per event. Associate members are not able to friend other members on the Adventures in Common site or app, nor are they able to communicate with other members on our site.
Is this membership right for you?
The Associate Membership is good for people who plan to use the club only occasionally or who want to try the club out before committing to the Premier Membership.
Associate Membership


The premier membership
What you get
Premier members pay a monthly membership fee and may attend any event. You get a discount on every event and are eligible for early bird pricing as well, typically saving you $15 per event versus Associate Member pricing. Premier Members may communicate with other members on our site or app. On certain high demand events, Premier Members will get to sign up before Associate Members.


Finally, no matter what the membership price is when you sign up for the Premier Membership, you lock in this price for life. Your price will never go up. Yet, there are no contracts and you may downgrade anytime. (If you do downgrade, should you decide to upgrade later, you will pay whatever the current fee is for the Premier Membership.)
Is this membership right for you?
The Premier Membership is good for people who want to be part of the community. If you plan to go to at least two events per month, the Premier Membership is right for you.
Premier Membership


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