Adventures in commonTM

The easy button to your social life.  

Adventures in Common is a Social Adventures Club that provides a wide variety of 30-50 professionally organized events each month: river rafting, gourmet dinners, yoga classes, sky diving, wine tasting, rock climbing, biking, dancing, hiking, sailing, trips to exotic places and many, many more. 

We plan and host every activity.

You’ll get a chance to meet hundreds of new people for friendship and dating.  Though we are not a singles club, the majority of our members are single and are open to meeting others in our fun, no-pressure environment.   

Connect with people who share your interests. 

The best part is our community.  After just a few events, you’ll quickly feel a sense of belonging and you’ll likely be a member for many years to come.  

Get the social life you deserve!

Adventures Testimonials

We think of our members as part of our family.  Here are some of their experiences.  

Debbie Crespo
"Great day at Mission Bowling in SF. Really enjoyed spending time with everyone. Great venue and lots" more..
Elan Katra
"" more..
Alexandra Watkins
"This club is exactly what I’ve been looking for!  I need to get out of the office and get a better" more..
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